Ginco Enterprise Wallet

The No.1 crypto asset wallet with the largest number of supported currencies in Japan.

We support the business growth of crypto asset exchanges by improving asset management security and operational efficiency and enabling speedy currency additions.

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  • Addition of proprietary platform currency

    From 1 month minimum
  • Addition of ERC20 token

    From 2 weeks minimum



Strict private key security

Private keys are distributed and managed in HSMs (hardware security modules) and dedicated signing terminals to prevent leakage due to hacking. Signing terminals are stored completely offline, and users are identified by biometrics to ensure the safety of your assets.


Business-optimized operability

Signature software and an operational dashboard enable smart offline asset management operations using private keys. There is no need for cumbersome output or wired connections between devices. Also, new wallets can be created and personnel permissions can be changed without the need for engineering resources.


Full support system

As a reliable partner in customer asset management, we provide ongoing support for our clients' businesses. We provide a wide range of support for business issues in the virtual currency exchange industry, from compliance with domestic regulations, expansion of new currencies, research at the time of protocol selection, and incident response for hard forks and other incidents.


Solving the challenges of the crypto asset business by combining security and usability


Cold/Hot Wallet


Handling transacted assets


Approval Workflow


Fraud Prevention Functions


Balance data to ledger linkeage


Node hosting

Questions & Answers

  • Q

    How long does it take to add a supported currency?

    We can provide support from as little as one month for proprietary currency platforms and as little as two weeks for ERC20 tokens.

  • Q

    Is it possible to integrate the Enterprise Wallet system into my company's internal system?

    Yes, it is possible. We can develop the system to be integrated into your company's system according to your requirements.

  • Q

    Is it possible to use my own node as the backend of the Enterprise Wallet system?

    Yes, it is possible. We can configure the routing from the wallet to the node according to your requirements.

  • Q

    Is it possible to use the Enterprise Wallet system together with my existing business wallet?

    Yes, it is possible. We can flexibly implement and develop the system to fit your complex asset management situation.

Supported currencies will be developed upon request. Proprietary currency for all platforms. Tokens can be implemented.