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Web3 market growing rapidly at an annual rate of 44.6%.

Web3 is a huge innovation affecting the entire Internet industry. The size of this market is expected to grow at an annual growth rate of 44.6%, reaching approximately 40 trillion yen in 2021 and expanding to 100 trillion yen by 2030. In addition, the market for digital assets accessible through the use of blockchain technology has grown steadily, with repeated increases and decreases; by 2021, the total market value of crypto assets will exceed 200 trillion yen, and the emerging NFT market value has grown rapidly from 30 billion yen to 2 trillion yen in the last two years.


Annual circulation within Ginco products* increased at 235% per year

On the infrastructure and services provided by Ginco, digital assets are managed, playing a central role in the rapidly growing Web3 world. In particular, our main business, services for crypto asset-related companies, has handled a cumulative total of 400 billion yen in crypto assets since the start of service provision, a 235% increase over the past year.

Comparison of FY2022 Projections with FY2021.


Ginco's Business Scale Expands Rapidly as Web3 Industry Grows

Ginco's infrastructure has solved many industry problems and earned the trust of many, providing the critical functionality needed to create use cases in the Web3 world.

Company Profile

As a Web3 Develoment Comapny, what challenges does Ginco address and how does it operate? Please take a look at this overview.

Challenging development environment with the largest number of blockchains and best-in-class products in the country

Ginco handles the largest number of blockchain protocols in the country and is completely in-house, working on all layers of technology development, from blockchain nodes and wallets to smart contracts.
It is an exciting environment that combines enterprise-quality product development with microservice development for engineers in a modern development style.


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