Changing the ways of the economy

Over the past two decades, with the advanced development of the Internet, information distribution has become smoother, and messages can be exchanged with anyone in the world. However, there is a limit to how smoothly the conventional information distribution network can handle valuable information, including the money that drives the economy. Therefore, we are focusing on blockchain technology, which streamlines the distribution of value, to provide the infrastructure for the Internet industry in the Web3 era, thereby making economic activities even smoother than they are now.

Our VisionOur Vision


Blockchain is a next-generation information and communications technology that enhances data integrity and streamlines data sharing. It is characterized by its resistance to data tampering, low possibility of outages due to failures, and the ability for an unspecified number of participants to be involved in the operation of the service. By taking advantage of these features, "Web3" businesses that smoothly handle digital data with value, such as cryptographic assets and NFTs, over the Internet will become possible.



Support for all companies entering the Web3

Ginco provides the infrastructure necessary for companies to grow sustainably in the Web3 world and co-create new businesses with its customers. Ginco's infrastructure encompasses the functions essential to the creation of Web3 businesses, providing a comprehensive developer "Web3 Develoment Company" that supports customers in a variety of industries and sectors.



What's "Web3 Development"?

Ginco is there for its clients in all phases, from planning and requirements definition to development and maintenance operations, providing the necessary knowledge and technology. By partnering with Ginco and using its infrastructure, clients can enter the Web3 world with the same growth potential as the Internet, faster, easier, and more cost-effectively.

Join Our Team

Join Our Team

Join Our Team

At Ginco, each member demonstrates intellectual curiosity and ambition, bringing knowledge, skills, and passion to realize our vision, and we are always looking for members who are willing to take on this challenge with us. Please visit our other pages to learn more about Ginco and come back again. We look forward to seeing you.