Changing the ways of the economy

Over the past two decades, with the advanced development of the Internet, information distribution has become smoother, and messages can be exchanged with anyone in the world. However, there is a limit to how smoothly the conventional information distribution network can handle valuable information, including the money that drives the economy. Therefore, we are focusing on blockchain technology, which streamlines the distribution of value, to provide the infrastructure for the Internet industry in the Web3 era, thereby making economic activities even smoother than they are now.
Our Vision

Three values to continue to grow as a blockchain company.







In an area as advanced and rapidly changing as blockchain, acting egocentric without respect for others is fatal.
In order to continue to operate strongly and for a long time in the blockchain industry, we value the ability to be sincere and cordial to our team members, customers, and everyone else involved, and to sincerely consider ways in which others and ourselves can be a win-win for both parties.

Providing the essential functions for blockchain utilization in enterprise quality.


Enterprise level service quality

Ginco has long experience in providing infrastructure for crypto asset exchanges and other Web3 companies, and has a deep understanding of the challenges they face and a wealth of knowledge to solve them. By leveraging this knowledge, Ginco is able to provide enterprise-level quality of service in terms of security, stability, and support.


Multi-asset & Multi-blockchain

Ginco supports a wide variety of digital assets across the board, including crypto assets, NFTs, and security tokens. We also support the largest number of blockchain protocols in the country, from public to private, and can provide the optimal infrastructure for your use case.


Extensive support from requirement definition to node operation

Since its inception, Ginco has developed all core blockchain technologies such as wallets and nodes in-house. As a result, we have a wealth of technological assets for blockchain utilization. This allows us to flexibly provide the most ideal solution to our clients' issues for each use case.

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We are looking for members to work together with us.

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We are looking for members to work together with us.

At Ginco, each member demonstrates intellectual curiosity and ambition, bringing knowledge, skills, and passion to realize our vision, and we are always looking for members who are willing to take on this challenge with us. Please visit our other pages to learn more about Ginco and come back again. We look forward to seeing you.